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Spotify Vs Everyone – We See How it Stacks Up in This Spotify Review

One of the most important questions for musicians is how should they release their music? This is especially true in the digital age of the internet. While there are online music stores where you can actually sell your music either in physical or digital format to your fans, music streaming sites are now gaining considerable […]

where to set recording levels

Where to Set Recording Levels?

Thanks to digital recording, the standard 24bit format allows for a lot of dynamic range between clipping and the noise floor, 144dB to be exact (1 bit = 6dB signal to noise ratio; 24*6dB=144dB). This means that rather than worrying about the noise floor at all, you can just focus entirely on staying a healthy […]

How to Write a Song Title

Today we’re going to talk about how to write a song title. Generally this isn’t difficult after you’ve penned an entire or the majority of a song worth of music and lyrics. You more or less know what the title will be at that point and if you don’t you can just pull your favorite […]

A Complete Overview of Chord Progressions

Chord progressions exist in every single piece of music ever written. While the focus will generally be on a solo in one form or another whether that’s being delivered by the vocals/lyrics or by instruments, the chord progressions in the background are what give those solos a canvas to exist on and are what make […]

what does a compressor do

What Does a Compressor Do?

A compressor is one of the most powerful processing plugins you can use on your recordings either by an analog hardware device or through a digital plugin. In this article we’ll answer what does a compressor do. Compression literally means to compress or to squeeze something together, and that’s essentially what this plugin does to […]