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How to Write a Song the Best Way

Learning how to write a song is like a lot of other skills; there is a wrong way and a wrong way to learn how to do it. The right way will expedite the songwriting process and reduce the learning curve to get you on the road to writing better songs and hooks faster by […]

How to Write a Song If You’ve Never Done It Before

No matter what anyone else tells you, songwriting is a talent which you develop over time. No one picks up a guitar and pens a top 40 hit on their first try. Everyone’s first attempts at songwriting are necessary but generally very bad, so you’ve got to keep at it. Of course it helps having […]

How to Write Lyrics

Learning how to write lyrics can be the most difficult or the easiest part of songwriting for different people. I myself am a more musical oriented person and consequently I preach writing music THEN lyrics. Most songwriters preach this order, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In this article I’m going to identify how […]

What Does CD Mastering Do?

CD mastering is a bit of an enigma and a nebulous process when it comes to audio editing. It is the final stage before a record goes off to be replicated and have thousands or millions of copies of it burned. Many people are still unclear as to what is the purpose of CD mastering? […]