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My Songwriting Format

There are dozens and hundreds of songwriting formats which different songwriters have used in the past and use everyday to create memorable music, lyrics, hooks, and just songs in general. I myself juggle and find inspiration for songwriting from a number of different sources and write in different formats. In this article I’m going to […]

3 Ways to Generate Ideas for Songwriting

Songwriting is something which gets easier with practice like so many other things in life. After you’ve been songwriting for a time, your brain gets accustomed to coming up with ideas on its own and gets in a system where is constantly churning looking for great melodies and great lyrics on its own. If you’re […]

A Review of the Jamorama Guitar Instructions Course

Jamorama is an online downloadable based guitar course. It includes two extensive eBooks/guides, one for beginners and one for advanced techniques, and roughly 150 step by step video based lessons which comprises over one full year of lessons. You have access to all of this right from your computer so you can proceed through the […]

4 Pieces of Songwriting Advice

In this article I’m going to give you four pieces of songwriting advice so that you can write better and more memorable songs and books. My first piece of songwriting advice is pretty generic but it’s extremely important. I completely recommend that you have experience with an instrument which can play chords before you start […]

Where to Get Inspiration for Songwriting

One of the greatest hurdles in songwriting is getting over that first step of starting on a song and getting that first part. You need sources of inspiration for songwriting for getting past that first hurdle and I personally draw from a number of different sources to get inspiration for songwriting. In this article, we’re […]