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MasterWriter Review Video

MasterWriter is especially handy for lyrical writers and poets who frequently experience writer’s block and have difficulty finishing lines and works. It has a massive database of words and can funnel them by rhymes, parts of speech, number of syllables, and much more. Of course it’s difficult to do a MasterWriter review without showing it […]

Firewire Vs. USB – Which is Better for Audio Recording?

Firewire Vs. USB, an age old question (at least in the last few years when Firewire and USB became available). In this article we’re going to talk about the major differences between the two so that you have the facts and can decide which is a better system to work with for you. Firewire Vs. […]

How to Make a Band Website

Having a professional website is essential for any serious artist. While you can and should set up profiles at Facebook and other websites, there is no substitute for having your own website. Luckily these days it couldn’t be simpler to make a band website, so in this article we’ll cover how to make a band […]