Song Mixing

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Song mixing is the process of taking the various tracks which make up a mix/song and ensuring that they add up to the best possible end result for that song.

It’s a complex process given that sometimes song mixes are made up of up to or more than 100 individual tracks.

Each one of these tracks can be processed using analog and digital tools such as EQ, compressors, saturation, reverb, automation, etc. to ensure that it sounds as good as it possibly can on its own.

In addition to making each individual track sound as good as it can, every track needs to “mix” well with the rest of the tracks. A good song mixing engineer finds a place for every track in the mix to ensure they all have their own space and room to breathe and be heard.

This is done through relative volume level adjustments, panning tracks left and right, and using EQs, delays, and reverbs (to name a few) to set the depth of a track in relation to another. All of these adjustments are made to utilize the full stereo image of a mixing service

While this can sound complex and the process certainly can be, the ultimate goal is still simple: make a mix sound as good as possible.

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