Underrated Artists

I’m starting a new monthly feature here on Music Guy Online by recognizing underrated artists and bands which (in my humble opinion) should be or, if they are no longer active, should have been bigger.

Every month I’m going to shine a spotlight on an underrated artist which means or has meant a lot to me at one point or another over the years.

These are specifically artists which I find myself scratching my head at the fact that they aren’t or weren’t bigger and better known.

Bigger relative to what you might be asking?

Admittedly that’s a subjective thing, but one which I think makes for an interesting discussion.

When I see two objectively very similar artists and one of them explodes where the other one toils in relative obscurity it makes me curious and fascinates me on some level.

It’s the musician in me as someone who has been a part of roughly a dozen projects over the years.

At the very least, this series will give some credit to some very deserving underrated artists and hopefully put them in front of a few new ears as we move forward.

I’ll be linking to Spotify and YouTube playlists of my top 10 essential tracks from these artists, as well, so you can get my opinion of the must-listen songs.