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5 Free Songwriting Tips

In this article were going to cover 5 free songwriting tips. These free songwriting tips will teach your how to write a song more effectively from the start and bolster and better existing ideas which you already have.

The first couple of these free songwriting tips are going to be pretty obvious but they are important nonetheless. First off, think about learning a musical instrument which plays chords before you start songwriting if you don’t already know how to play something. Chorded instruments like piano or guitar are the easiest to write songs with, so I recommend that you familiarize yourself with one or the other.

In addition to learning how to play the basic chords on an instrument, it helps to be able to familiarize yourself with scales so that you know which chords and notes will sound good in a particular key and which ones will not.

Second, when you’re first starting out, focus on your favorite genre of music. In other words, if you’re a country fan don’t go off and tried to write something in the rock genre. This can be a great way to stimulate and hone your songwriting skills later as you develop, but in the early days again you should focus on one specific genre which you feel comfortable with and which you enjoy listening to both all others.

The next of these free songwriting tips is one which I recommend to anyone looking to write a song from scratch when their first starting out as it’s a very cogent and powerful method for coming up with and developing ideas.

Come up with a title for your song first and foremost before you do anything else. Don’t just come up with any song title, would come up with one which could have a story behind it. Once you have your title, the rest of the song will fall into place one piece at a time. Start by humming a few notes on top of various chords which work together.

For more information on this check out my post on songwriting chords to find the best course which work within a particular key when you’re trying to write a song and the most common chord progressions to really get those ideas flowing. Once you find a melody pattern which you like and it’s gone over top of a court pattern, you can start to fit the lyrics of your chorus by which I mean the words in the title of your song into those melody notes.songwriting tips

Another one of these free songwriting tips is to remember that hoax are the most memorable parts of the song, and be able to write great books is one of the most important things in popular music. The book can be really anything if you think about it and you use your imagination. As long as you use just the right chord progression underneath of the melody which you’ve put together, that can be a strong hook. If you take a look at the strongest and most memorable hooks in popular music from the past decade or so, try playing them on top of a different chord progression and you’ll see that they lose oftentimes a lot of their luster and attraction. As long as you can identify just the right progression to put underneath your book, you can come out with a very strong hook.

Another one of these free songwriting tips is to always have a means of recording your ideas no matter where you are. Fortunately today, most people are carrying around some kind of cell phone and most cell phones and smart phones have a way of enabling you to record ideas to yourself for later listening to. You never know when inspiration might strike, particularly after you’ve been writing for while and ideas will begin to come to you more naturally, and you want to be altogether that idea down as soon as it comes to you because it will continue to morph into something different as time goes on and that changed idea is generally not as good as the one you first had.

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