Review of the Jamorama Guitar Instructions Course

A Review of the Jamorama Guitar Instructions Course

Welcome to my review of the Jamorama Guitar Instructions Course.

Review of the Jamorama Guitar Instructions Course

Jamorama is an online downloadable based guitar course.Review of the Jamorama Guitar Instructions Course It includes two extensive eBooks/guides, one for beginners and one for advanced techniques, and roughly 150 step by step video based lessons which comprises over one full year of lessons.

You have access to all of this right from your computer so you can proceed through the beginner to advanced Jamorama guitar instructions to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

In addition to the Jamorama guitar instructions content, there is a lot of additional material for teaching you how to read sheet music and guitar tablature, separate guides and resources for acoustic guitar playing, and a handful of bonus games/materials for purposes such as guitar tuning and teaching software, ear training, a metronome, and a chord kit for quick reference.

At $49.95, Jamorama includes:

  • Nearly 150 Online/Downloadable Video Lessons You Can Access From Your Computer
  • 26 Genre Diverse Jam Tracks Designed to Teach You How to Play Along With a Song as Well as With Other Musicians
  • 2 Extensive Guides (One for Beginners and One With Advanced Techniques)
  • 5 Games/Bonus Materials Designed to Education and Entertain
  • A Separate Guide/Jam Tracks/Materials for Acoustic Guitar Playing Specifically
  • Access to a Member’s Only Online Forum For Support and Answers to Your Questions from Thousands of Members
  • Information on Basic Parts of the Guitar Itself, How to Read and Transcribe Music, How to Strum, Mute, Bend/Solo, Develop a Sense of Timing, Etc.

Probably the biggest motivation behind wanting to play the guitar is to learn guitar songs that we all know and love. Not only does Jamorama teach you how to read the music behind these songs, it teaches you how to learn to play all of the classics and more recent favorites through a surprisingly large song lessons library.

The Jamorama guitar instructions course also comes with an iron clad 8 week money back guarantee and they even offer free lessons before you decide to purchase it so that you can get an early feel for some of what you can expect from it.

At $49.95, Jamorama is the best guitar instructional course for the money in terms of the overwhelming value of the quality and quantity of what you receive with this one time cost course.

Refer to this video for a behind the scenes look at Jamorama for more information:

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