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Hello, I’m Paul Ventura. I’ve been writing, recording, and performing songs as the chief or sole songwriting for 5 different bands for over 10 years now such as the Warped Tour 08′ Battle of the Bands winners “The Great Escape” or most recently my newest project “Brigands“. Check out one of the latest Brigands tracks right here:

Here’s a picture of me (on the left) with part of my previous band “The Great Escape” shortly after we performed on the Merriweather Post Pavilian/Washington, DC date of the 2008 Warped Tour after winning the online “Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands” to earn a spot on the tour:

warped tour 08

The one thing which I pride myself on knowing how to do is how to write a great song. Nothing gives me a sense of satisfaction as the rush I get whenever I write a great hook which I’m really pleased with. I absolutely love writing with other people and teaching other people how to write a song with the techniques which I use on a daily basis.

Is Songwriting Something You Can Teach?

I’ve heard some people say that you can’t teach songwriting. THIS COULD NOT BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! It’s a skill like anything in life; it takes some practice and nurturing to get good at learning how to make a song, but learning through the correct method can put you on the fast track to success.

Enter “How to Write a Song – The ‘No BS’ Songwriter’s Bible

“…I’ve read a few books on the topic of songwriting but never read any tangible methods which go into the depth which yours does…”

Alan, 29 – Perth, West Australia     


how to write a song

How to Write a Song – The ‘No BS’ Songwriter’s Bible” is the product of my 10 years of songwriting experience and a full year of writing the digital book itself.

Why “The ‘No BS’ Songwriter’s Bible” as a title? After I finished writing the instantly downloadable book and was still deciding on a title, someone recommended that I should check out some other songwriting books to see if there was anything important I had left out. What I found was A LOT of fluff, a lot of repetition, and a lot of information about songwriting which was really just disguised common sense “tips” and things which the average person already knows.

I called it “The ‘No BS’ Songwriter’s Bible” because it’s the best title to describe what the book is all about: cutting through the coddling and the BS and getting right to teaching you what you need to know to write great hooks and songs.

I didn’t want to make this book a long read for the sake of being a long read; I worked hard to get this down to just the essentials – 96 pages which will teach you everything you need to know and nothing you don’t about songwriting. This is all done in a linear path designed to take you from writing your first ideas to refining them into huge ear pleasing hooks and hits!

“…for the songwriter in all of us who just needs a bit of encouragement…”

Lily, 28 – East Lansing, MI

I don’t want there to be any surprises about this book, so let me give you a member’s only look at the table of contents to see exactly what is covered in this book by revealing the table of contents here with a rundown of each chapter:

Introduction – To open things up I give you a little the no bs songwriter's bible table of contentsbackground on me as well as my songwriting process.

Chapter 1 – Here we go over the basic terminology and concepts which you should know when songwriting and which I’ll use in the rest of the book.

Chapter 2 – In this chapter I offer a basic songwriting method which is especially ideal for beginners.

Chapter 3 – Here we tackle all things lyrics; what makes for a great lyric, how to write them, some of the most popular themes to draw from when writing your lyrics, and much more.

Chapter 4 – The next 3 chapters are where I cover my own personal and never before revealed secrets for writing great songs in order from start to finish. Chapter 4 is all about tricks which I use to stimulate song ideas from out of nothing; a VERY important chapter even for the most seasoned of songwriters.

Chapter 5 – Chapter 5 tackles a number of things you can do to bolster, improve, and or develop new and existing song ideas using devices used in popular music all of the time but which have never been picked apart and put under the microscope like this.

Chapter 6 – Writer’s block happens just as easily in songwriting as it does in any other kind of writing. This chapter will break through the wall with a myriad of effective methods.

Chapter 7 – This chapter is all about the things which people first take notice of in popular music – the hook. Write that perfect hook and all of your problems are solved, and in this chapter I teach you how to do just that.

Chapter 8 – Chapter 8 covers everything you need to know about recording your music. Whether you want to create professional sounding recordings of your music at home and on a budget or are interested in tracking down a producer and working with him or her, I cover both in full in this chapter as I’ve had a great deal of experience when it comes to recording music. I have a studio in my own home so I know quite a bit about recording my own music myself, but I’ve also worked with a number of producers, some of whom have produced platinum selling records.

Glossary – The glossary recaps the major terms covered throughout the book.

Conclusion – In the final few pages I wrap things up and give you a first hand look at the progression of songwriting as I reveal the first song which I ever wrote 10 years ago and contrast it with a more recent song so that you can see the progression over the course of a few years.

“… I especially love the “anticipation” and “garbage to gold” methods. You’ve even got me picking out each of the devices in every song I hear now, as well lol.”

Ellen, 31 – Pensacola, Florida

But Wait… Bonus Guide!

Nope, that’s not all that you’ll get! how to promote your musicYou’ll also receive a free BONUS eBook aptly titled “How to Promote Your Music” which will teach you just that.

I’ve had a lot of experience when it comes to marketing music online, culminating with “The Great Escape’s” winning of the 2008 online Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands competition and earning us a slot on Warped Tour 2008.

Therefore I’ve included this FREE 20+ page bonus guide which will teach you:

  • How to build a HUGE fanbase online without ever having played OR having to play a show.
  • How to effectively use social networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to promote your music and get lots of fans from them.
  • Where the best places to sell your music online are so that you can get as close to 100% of the profits of your music sales without having to lift a finger.
  • How to get your music listed and sold in the biggest online music stores like iTunes and Amazon MP3.
  • How to get your music on online music streaming service sites like Spotify and how you can use them to promote your music while MAKING MONEY per stream.
  • Dozens of more marketing tips for how to promote your music on TODAY’s internet.

Understand that these are my personal secrets on how to make a song which I have never revealed before to anyone else for writing and marketing your music; I personally guarantee that you can this information to write insanely catchy and infectious songs even if you’ve never done it before.


In fact I’m going to put YOUR money where MY mouth is and 100% guarantee that this book will enable you to write fantastic hooks and complete songs or your MONEY BACK IN FULL.

You have 4 full weeks to read my book and if you’re not completely satisfied I’ll return your money to you in full in that time, how’s that for a guarantee?30 day money back guaranteeThe risk is entirely on me, and the only reason that I am willing to do this is because I know how much you’ll get out of this and that you won’t find these precise methods anywhere else.


“…I’ve been looking around for a resource from a songwriter in where they actually share THEIR methods for once and I found it in yours.”

Nadia, 38 – Edmonds, WA  


Now Let’s Recap Everything You’ll Be Getting:

“How to Write a Song – The ‘No BS’ Songwriter’s Bible”

  • 96 pages of my personal, never before shared secrets of songwriting.
  • A beginner’s method to songwriting which will get you up and running to begin with.
  • Specific chapters on how to get an idea for a song, bolster a song, finish a song, and write out of this world hooks.
  • How to write clever and memorable lyrics.
  • Information on important songwriting concepts to understand and how they relate and can be used in songwriting.
  • Everything to know when either recording your music at home or with a producer.

“How to Promote Your Music”

  • How to develop a massive following and popularity online for your music without ever having to leave your computer!
  • How to build a band website from scratch for free without any previous knowledge necessary.
  • Which social networks you should use to promote your music and how to use each one most effectively.
  • How to sell your music and the best places to sell your music + how they compare to one another.
  • How to get your music listed on iTunes, Spotify, and dozens of other high trafficked online music stores and streaming services.

You’ll gain INSTANT ACCESS to both of these eBooks (over 120 pages of material combined) all for just the ONE TIME price of $29.95.

Note that both eBooks are available for download to your computer immediately after purchase and that Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free software which is required to open and read the eBooks, can be downloaded here for free.

You won’t find a better deal and you certainly won’t find nearly the same quality and quantity of valuable information which you’ll find in these two eBooks combined anywhere else. If you’re ready to unlock the secrets of songwriting AT NO RISK thanks to my 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, click below to be taken to your secure checkout page.


If you’re still not convinced, check out these testimonials from people just like yourself who have purchased and read “How to Write a Song – The ‘No BS’ Songwriter’s Bible” (to share a testimonial, write with “Testimonial” as the subject heading and include a picture if you’d like it featured on this site, as well):

“…it’s a fantastic value for all of the information covered…”

Mariah, 41 – New Orleans, LA


I like the way you write I like the book, I REALLY like Chapter 4, what else can I say – great buy!”

Morris, 33 – Chattanooga, TN   


“Thanks for the tips I’m really enjoying what I’ve read so far.”

Glen, 20 – Portland, OR


“…easy to understand, easy to execute on… these techniques will keep me busy for awhile…”

Jeremy, 24 – Newark, NJ


“…I’d recommend this guide to any songwriter who has ever struggled getting a tune together…”

Michael, 17 – San Diego, CA


“I kind of happened upon this site by accident while searching for something else. Where to start, the anticipation method, the 30 second sample, turning music into vocals and switching around parts; everything you’ve covered here is completely refreshing to me. I’ve bought another book on songwriting in the past, and it was covering things which I or anybody else should be able to figure out on their own without a book needing to tell me. Not to ramble but I’m now using your techniques to write ideas which I’m very happy with, much much more so than anything else I’ve written before. I’d like to send you something if and when I get a chance to record it. Who knows, maybe you’ll share it with your readers. In summary, thank you so much for writing and sharing this book! PS. feel free to share this testimonial with your readers.”

Robin, 45 – Reno, NV


Get on the fast track to writing amazing songs by learning what I’ve learned over the course of 10 years in just a couple of days. Claim your INSTANT DOWNLOAD of both “How to Write a Song – The ‘No BS’ Songwriter’s Bible” and “How to Promote Your Music” WITH the full 30 day money back guarantee for just $29.95:

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