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Latest music reviews from Music Guy Online:

  • White Reaper Asking for a Ride Review
    Louisville, KY rockers White Reaper are back with their fourth studio album, entitled “Asking for a Ride”. It’s a short but tight collection of modern rock colored in shades of the classic rock of the 70’s and 80’s as we talk about in this White Reaper Asking for a Ride review. White Reaper Asking for … Read more
  • Christian Lee Hutson Quitters Review
    I got into singer-songwriter Christian Lee Hutson late last summer and subsequently ran his debut record, 2020’s “Beginners”, into the ground. My end of year listening stats reflected this as two of the songs (“Lose This Number” and “Northsiders”) made it into my top ten most played songs for the year. The timing worked out … Read more
  • Gang of Youths angel in realtime. Review
    Australian by way of cities from around the world rockers Gang of Youths are back after four and a half years since their exquisite “Go Farther in Lightness” was released. It made for one of my favorite records of the last decade (incidentally check out my Go Farther in Lightness review), so I’ve been eagerly … Read more
  • Pinegrove 11:11 Review
    Pinegrove’s sixth album, “11:11”, feels both like a band finding its way again as well as fully settled into a sound for the first time. Digressing immediately in this Pinegrove 11:11 review, I was surprised to see that this is indeed their sixth album, and I’ve been listening to them since 2016. Obviously this is … Read more
  • Gang of Youths “the man himself” Review
    When Gang of Youths released a brief 3 song EP in July, “total serene”, frontman/vocalist/songwriter Dave Le’aupepe said that the track “unison” was a glimpse of what the future of GoY was to sound like. Honestly, as a huge fan of this band thanks mostly to the strength of their breakthrough sophomore record “Go Farther … Read more