indie pop playlist december 2023

Indie Pop Playlist December 2023

Here’s our indie pop playlist for December 2023, featuring the best in independent pop and alt music:

Here are a few tracks to draw a bit of extra attention to in our indie pop playlist for December 2023 to get ready for the holidays.

Into Me (Strange Names) – We featured another track from Strange Names in the past. Their penchant for well written catchy hooks is heard on their “Into Me” on that excellent chorus groove before it culminates with that catchy outro.

indie pop playlist december 2023

Bad Boy (Dragon Inn 3) – Dragon Inn 3 have a kind of ironic yet totally sincere College and Electric Youth teaming up for “Real Hero” kind of vibe on most of their tunes, and they’ve certainly got some good ones. Bad Boy in particular doesn’t blow the roof off the place, but it has a good hook and a familiar groove which will have you nodding along.

Gold (The Ivy) – Great tune to warm up one of the coldest months from The Ivy, covering that oh so familiar longing for youth.

circle the drain (Soccer Mommy) – “circle the drain” is probably still my favorite from Soccer Mommy, and that’s saying a lot considering the wealth of great tunes she has.

Backseat (Charli Adams) – I believe this was the first song which got me into Charli Adams. Regardless, a beautiful song capped off by an even more beautiful and expressive vocal.

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