indie pop playlist january 2023

Indie Pop Playlist January 2023

Here’s our indie pop playlist for January 2023, featuring the best in independent pop and alt music:

Here are a few tracks I’d like to draw extra attention to, a few standouts if you will in my mind in this indie pop playlist for January 2023 to dance in the new year to.

Into the Light (Live) (J Views, Denetia) – This is an excellent rendition of Into the Light to welcome in 2023 with this indie pop playlist. The groove continues to build over the course of the piece and everything gets larger as more elements are added including those welcome gang vocals near the end, making the final minute or so a head bobbing, toe tapping treat.

indie pop playlist january 2023

Mothers Talk (Brothertiger) – Everything takes place under a constant and assured kick snare beat that will have you dancing as they drop plenty of ear candy all around it.

Literally Main Street (Cataldo) – An indie folk leaning diversion on this indie pop playlist, Cataldo’s title track of their “Literally Main Street” record is a beautiful banjo driven song about longing for someone from your past.

Oh No (Soy Christmas) – There’s something infectious about the quirky beat and vocals on Soy Christmas’ “Oh No” that has me coming back to it over and over again, hence its inclusion on this indie pop playlist for January 2023

Island Kids (Holy ’57) – I just love the production and the vibes (which go together I suppose) on Holy ’57’s “Island Kids”.

Up All Night (David Bazan) – Here’s a song to warm you up as David Bazan creates an ode to summer nights, feeling young and invincible. There’s an infectious quality to the lofi beats behind this one.

Light of the Moon (Sharaya Summers) – This breezy modern track from Sharaya Summers has shades of 70’s production and musical influences like Fleetwood Mac or Carol King and is the perfect way to end this indie pop playlist for January of 2023.

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