indie pop playlist january 2024

Indie Pop Playlist January 2024

Here’s our indie pop playlist for January 2024, featuring the best in independent pop and alt music:

Here are a few tracks to draw a bit of extra attention to in our indie pop playlist for January 2024 to celebrate the new year to.

Hiccup (Liam Benzvi) – Good tempo and beat from Liam Benzvi to start off your 2024 with “Hiccup”.

indie pop playlist january 2024

I Couldn’t Wait (Kacy Hill) – “I Couldn’t Wait” from Kacy Hill revolves around a delicate yet catchy piano riff on repeat as she builds up and down with plenty of ear candy in some smooth sax and Imogen-like vocal effects.

Slide Tackle (Japanese Breakfast) – Speaking of sax, alternating between some smooth sax fills and the lovely vocals of Japanese Breakfast is a recipe for success on “Slide Tackle”.

Twwen (Cwondo) – Cwondo’s “Twwen” (it’s so difficult to type that word properly) may sound like it would’ve felt right at home on a Postal Service release (especially when that guitar comes in), but that’s just fine by me.

Dancer on the Water (Brothertiger) – Very The Chain Gang of 1974 vibes on “Dancer on the Water” from Brothertiger with unmistakable 80’s pan flute cheese, it’s great. The changes in that chorus are especially refreshing, as well.

I Think I Hate it Here (Boyish) – Sometimes I just like a track for the energy it brings to the playlist, and that’s the case for Boyish’s “I Think I Hate it Here”. Good tune.

I Was a Tunnel (Generationals) – That lead tho.

FIGHT (IAN SWEET) – The lushness of this indie pop gem envelops you when that chorus explodes. Lovely slow head nodder.

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