indie rock playlist january 2024

Indie Rock Playlist January 2024

Here’s our indie rock playlist for January 2024, featuring the best in independent rock and punk music:

Here are a few tracks to highlight in our indie rock playlist for January 2024.

Raw Bar OBX 2002 (Everyone Everywhere) – Great track from Everyone Everywhere to warm you up for 2024. This track gets me fired up when that “chorus” hits and he goes high. Love an Outerbanks reference, too.

indie rock playlist january 2024

Best Intentions (Hodera) – I love a song which tells a story start to finish in three to four minutes, and when the delivery is this good, you’ve got a special track indeed as is the case on Hodera’s “Best Intentions”.

In April (Anxious) – I like the energy behind “In April” from Anxious. The mix also is interesting to me with its low bass lo-fi rock vibe.

Spike the Punch (Alex Lahey) – There’s a tension from the first beat on those verses which creates an awesome contrast when it opens up into a full on party in that chorus.

Feel Another Day (Night Moves) – Excellent piece of 70’s rock meets modern production and sensibilities from the aptly named, Bob Seger tip of the cap, Night Moves which snakes in and out with interesting changes and a very satisfying chorus groove.

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