indie pop playlist february 2024

Indie Pop Playlist February 2024

Here’s our indie pop playlist for February 2024, featuring the best in independent pop and alt music:

Here are a few tracks to draw a bit of extra attention to in our indie pop playlist for February 2024.

Fly to Panama (Panama Wedding) – I also feel like if you put your band/artist name in one of your songs, it’s got to be a GREAT song. It just so happens that Panama Wedding’s “Fly to Panama” ticks this box as it’s easily my favorite. Artfully manipulating the depth of the mix and contrasting the tension of the progression in the chorus with the musical equivalent of staring into a deep blue sea on a perfect day from your hotel room on an island resort in those verses, this one always makes me smile.

Camcorder (Observer Drift) – Observer Drift makes some of the best bedroom synth pop, and “Camcorder” is a spacious lush and dream example of this.

indie pop playlist february 2024

too long (Arlie) – Arlie serves up a lot of different sounds, depending on the song. “too long” isn’t necessarily representative of their catalog, but there’s a hooky and familiar mid 2000’s indie rock vibe to it that I love and which makes it arguably my favorite from them.

Sleep Forever (Dreams We’ve Had) – Dreams We’ve Had’s appropriately titled “Sleep Forever” is a lush bed of dreamy hooks which envelop you on that chorus like a warm blanket (one you can dance to).

Devil (Arms Akimbo) – Arms Akimbo hold on to that indie folk sound of over a decade ago, and it’s hard to argue with the influence when you get songs like “Devil”.

Gecko (Covey) – No one writes introspective lyrics quite like Covey, and this relatively rare uptempo number in “Gecko” from them/him is one of my favorites.

Parma Violets (Jealous of the Birds) – Jealous of the Birds’ “Parma Violets” is a slow and reassuring head bopping groove which feels good through to the end.

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