indie rock playlist february 2024

Indie Rock Playlist February 2024

Here’s our indie rock playlist for February 2024, featuring the best in independent rock and punk music:

Mend that broken heart with our indie rock playlist for February 2024.

indie rock playlist february 2024

Degenerates (I The Mighty) – I the Mighty’s “Degenerates” lulls you in with an introspective lyric sung over a quiet guitar riff before exploding on those choruses. I love a song which gives you a couple decidedly different looks like this.

Casino Night (Slingshot Dakota) – Slingshot Dakota have managed to carve out a unique sound within their niche, capped off by some very distinct vocals which sound excellent on their “Casino Night”.

Wool in the Wash (Crying) – Crying are just doing their own thing and I love it. Not the first time we’ve included Crying in a mix, this time with their “Wool in the Wash”, and it probably won’t be the last.

Undone (Justin Courtney Pierre) – Justin Courtney Pierre shows that he hasn’t lost a step outside of Motion City Soundtrack on his “Undone”. The horns give it a nice little kiss of that indie chamber pop sound.

A Little Bit (Devon Kay and the Solutions) – Speaking of a good use of brass, they create a nice accent on the fun pop rocker from Devon Kay and the Solutions on “A Little Bit”.

Never Should’ve Bothered (Stuck Out Here) – Raucous Canadian Hold Steady-like rock on Stuck Out Here’s “Never Should’ve Bothered” – what’s not to love?

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