indie pop playlist march 2024

Indie Pop Playlist March 2024

Here’s our indie pop playlist for March 2024, featuring the best in independent pop and alt music:

Here are a few tracks to draw a bit of extra attention to in our indie pop playlist for March 2024 to get ready for Spring.

Stay All Night (Summer Drive) – Maybe it’s that drum beat, but I get serious Walk the Moon vibes from Summer Drive’s “Stay All Night”, specifically “Anna Sun” vibes, which is a huge compliment as far as I’m concerned.

indie pop playlist march 2024

Broken Lips (Loviet) – Kind of a pop meets shoe gaze meets 80’s production and songwriting sensibilities on Loviet’s “Broken Lips”. Takes a bit to get going but that chorus certainly is worth the wait.

Bipolar Rainbows (Clarence Clarity) – “Bipolar Rainbows” is an apt title for the tone of this one; they throw a lot of curve balls at you in the production and composition but ultimately it’s a very satisfying track.

Golden Brown (Modern Love Child) – Great track to set us up for the warmer months to come from an underrated artist in Modern Love Child.

Brooklyn (Tyler Lyle) – This is a cool one. “Brooklyn” was one of the standout tracks for me on 80’s synth pop styled The Midnight’s “Monsters” album. The singer, Tyler Lyle, re-imagines the song under his solo moniker. To be sure, I believe this was likely the original version before they made it fit more of The Midnight’s aesthetic, but it’s a great tune either way and you get a more intimate rendition of it here.

Calcutta (Sleep Token) – Sleep Token’s “Calcutta” pulls you in with its minimalist verses and sweeping synth filled verses, taking you on an epic journey from start to finish.

Travel Light (Bandaid Brigade) – Bandaid Brigade takes the songwriting sensibilities that you’d hear for an 80’s movie or television theme; the production, instrumentation, and changes are all there, but unlike a lot of artists who would go full parody, Band Brigade bring a legitimacy which really makes it work. Seriously underrated band if the numbers are any indication.

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