indie rock playlist march 2024

Indie Rock Playlist March 2024

Here’s our indie rock playlist for March 2024, featuring the best in independent rock and punk music:

Celebrate the start of spring with our indie rock playlist for March 2024.

Better Love (Stay With Me) – A fun pop rock song to bring in the warmer days from Stay With Me.

indie rock playlist march 2024

Dark Parking Lot (Bonsai Trees) – This fun track from Bonsai Trees feels like 90’s alt rock meets a touch of math and lofi, gritty sensibilities.

Futten 36℃ (eastern youth) – eastern youth have been around a long time since forming in Japan in 1989, but they bring a satisfying fresh take on the raw emo sound with hard edges.

Fishin’ (For Compliments) (Big Fat Meanies) – This one from Big Fat Meanies features a choice power pop chorus with crazy vocal range and a horn section which makes it feel like Save Ferris if they just said “f-it”. Very cool song.

July 4, 2004 (Jason Anderson) – I love the creative rawness on Jason Anderson’s “July 4, 2004”; it builds and keeps you engaged and wondering what’s going to come next throughout its entire 6 minute duration.

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