indie pop playlist april 2024

Indie Pop Playlist April 2024

Here’s our indie pop playlist for April 2024, featuring the best in independent pop and alt music:

Here are a few tracks to draw a bit of extra attention to in our indie pop playlist for April 2024 to enjoy the first full month of Spring to.

Close to You (Dayglow) – An airy pop tune which is perfect tune to kick off our April indie pop playlist from Dayglow, walking to the beat in the spring weather with a smile glued on your face (if you’re anything like me).

indie pop playlist april 2024

Iron Heel (Somos) – There’s a lightness to the vocals which pairs very satisfyingly with the anxious 80’s led instrumentation.

Darjeeling (Barrie) – Another breezy track which is perfectly suited for the start of warmer weather from Barrie.

Phantom Friend (Chris Farren) – I’m a sucker for a chorus which might not break the mold but is confident and contrasts nicely with its preceding part. Give me a reliable hook delivered over a 1, 5, 4 progression with solid production around it as is the case on Chris Farren’s “Phantom Friend”.

DRIVE (John the Ghost) – After a bit of an understandable gap considering John the Ghost is the side project of The Maine’s vocallist, John O’Callaghan, “DRIVE” is an excellent alt pop rock track which alternates between sparse verses and a satisfying swell of a chorus.

In the Morning (Hookup) – I don’t have a lot to say about the aptly matched song from artist, “In the Morning” from Hookup, other than it’s a nicely chill track to play on a Sunday morning as you head out to bring back some breakfast pastries for yourself and your significant other. Nice change up of timing midway through, as well.

Violent (Grapetooth) – Sometimes what makes a song satisfying is an artful execution of a genre, in this case 80’s leaning synth-wave, with distinct vocals (complete with a Robert Smith-like howl). That’s the case of Grapetooth’s very dancey “Violent” which really cuts loose in delivering the titular lyric on that outro.

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