indie rock playlist april 2024

Indie Rock Playlist April 2024

Here’s our indie rock playlist for April 2024, featuring the best in independent rock and punk music:

It’s the first full month of spring, so help set the proper mood with our indie rock playlist for April 2024. As usual, here are a few of my favorites to highlight.

indie rock playlist april 2024

Play the Field (Partner) – Budding awkward lesbian high school love never sounded as fun as it does delivered through the many sports metaphors and innuendos in Partner’s “Play the Field”.

Bang My Drum (Angeldu$t) – Just a fun silly kinetic song that makes you want to break into an equally fun silly dance.

Seaside (The Ordinary Boys) – An oldie but a goodie from The Ordinary Boys which deserves to be represented. By the way, I don’t know what the deal with their distribution but it’s too difficult to find a lot of their tunes!

Walkaway (Weaves) – I absolutely love the tension on the vocals on “Walkaway” from Weaves when that chorus hits.

I Did It! (Kitten) – Led by a self-proclaimed “alien-girl vocalist”, that description feels apt to the vibes of this chaotic and fun rocker from Kitten in “I Did It!”.

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