Indie Pop Playlist June 2021

Here’s our indie pop playlist for June 2021, featuring the best in independent pop and alt music:

As always, I have a few songs which I want to draw some extra attention to in this indie pop playlist for June 2021:

Habit (Gates) – Some songs just feel like a warm hug. Gates’ ethereal Habit is one such example, and I never get tired of it.

Neighborhood (Strange Names) – Speaking of songs I never get tired of, Neighborhood by Strange Names is a super fun song. I really like the production on this one with some very effective delay and verb on those vocals. It’s also a very effective use of introducing new chords once you hit that chorus to keep the listening on their toes. And that chorus melody just feels like it’s on wheels; infectious stuff.

In the House (High All Day) (The Bad Years) – Perfect for the subject matter, this is a really nice meandering drive. A very chill hook on that chorus which will get stuck in your head for days.

Slow and Steady (Leagues) – The strength of this song is that it’s so damn simple both lyrically and musically. It’s a basic ABABAB centered around a great hook in the title which gets a bit bigger each time.

What We Need We Know (Busman’s Holiday) – This feels like a Ringo-led modern day Beatles song if they were still together and making music. With a simple beat, plenty of accenting deep horns, and some Ringo-esque vocals, it’s an interesting song which turns into a sing along midway through.

Faded Fight (Chain Wallet) – Really cool synth pop meets shoe gaze vibes here with that opening lick. Plus a very satisfying change to that 4 on the chorus.

Freak (Olivver the Kid) – I’m a sucker for synth wave done well and from the opening perfectly retro saw waves, this is a great example.

Tunnel Vision on Your Part (Happyness) – This is one of those songs which relies heavily on the relaxed groove and replicating the same chord progression throughout most of the track. Just a satisfying track which will have you subconsciously nodding your head throughout.

Forever Ago (Woodlock) – A really sweet indie folk number from Woodlock with a beautiful lyric. It’s also a unique song in that at around 3 minutes in it leads into what can easily be mistaken for a new song on that final quarter coda.




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