indie pop may 2023 playlist

Indie Pop Playlist May 2023

Here’s our indie pop playlist for May 2023, featuring the best in independent pop and alt music:

Here are a few tracks to draw a bit of extra attention to in our indie pop playlist for May 2023 enjoy arguably the most pleasant season!

A Trick of the Light (Bibio Remix) (Villagers, Bibio) – I was introduced to Bibio’s remix of this track before I heard the original, and I just can’t go back. The changes and effects on the chorus are so interesting and the entire track is an engaging trip of a listen; great tune.

Old Elba (Couplet) – This The Postal Service beat filled track starts out a bit slow but settles into a very nice groove once the female vocals join in midway through for a chorus-effect-feeling chorus which feels a little off in just the right way.

indie pop may 2023 playlist

Man of Weakness (Acoustic) (Your Smith) – Honestly a lot of the tracks early on in this indie pop playlist for May 2023 have a similar vibe in that they’re beautiful, well written songs featuring strong female vocals and vulnerability, so I could underline any one of them. I’ll draw attention to Your Smith’s acoustic version of “Man of Weakness” just because it’s sticking out to me at the moment.

Solid Heart (Gia Margaret) – Another track in that same vein. The slide guitar and slow head bobbing groove are the perfect support for the sleepy vocals on this track. It’s so loose that the chorus brings some very satisfying structure with its rhythm by contrast.

Glendale (niko+, Clans) – I have to call out niko+ and Clans’ “Glendale” just for the crazy left turn that it takes out of nowhere, beginning as an intimate vocal over reverb filled guitar, and turning into an electronic beat and bopping groove.

All Time (KNOWER) – I absolutely love the changes in KNOWER’s “All Time”, particularly that prechorus which sounds like it could come out of a different song but it fits perfectly before that chorus fully envelops you.

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