indie rock playlist april 2022

Indie Rock Playlist April 2022

Here’s our indie rock playlist for April 2022, featuring the best in independent rock and punk music:

There are a LOT of tracks to highlight in this very stacked indie rock playlist for April 2022.

indie rock playlist april 2022

i refuse to die (Sydney Sprague) – It’s over too soon, but that’s part of the allure of Sydney Sprague’s “i refuse to die”.

Aftermath (Rolo Tomassi) – Beautiful spacey rocker from Rolo Tomassi, “Aftermath” manages the dynamics between softer verses and harder choruses well.

What Goes Around (Sjowgren) – I’m a sucker for that chorus which just centers around the rhythm of some power chords and the vocals doing a similar melody over top. It’s a simple, short song which works very well.

Marian (Empty Country) – One more nod Empty Country, “Marian” has an 80’s or 90’s Replacements feel and is my favorite from to the Cymbals Eat Guitars alum.

Don’t Ever Tell Locke What He Can’t Do (Moneen) – Moneen is one of those bands from the mid to late 00’s emo rock scene which didn’t get enough love. They just made solid rock tracks, and “Don’t Ever Tell Locke What He Can’t Do” is a solid example of this.

Marigold (Blondfire) – The vocals float above everything on that chorus; great rocker from Blondfire.

Not Buying (Wanderwild) – This reminds me of a heavier, dirtier Strokes with a male and female vocalist, which in other words means “Not Buying” from Wanderwild is an awesome track. I like the intimate build (my words, at least) on that second verse to contrast with that chorus, as well.

Superstition (Spinning) – Spinning put together a dreamy rocker with “Superstition” which has a nice swing to it on that chill yet tight chorus hook.

Halloween (Novo Amor) – Novo Amor’s “Halloween” is a great example of how just a simple production change can make a great chorus. The fader gets a little hotter and that bass comes in hard, making a nice contrast when coupled with a simpler vocal hook.

Maelstrom (PLTS) – “Maelstrom” from PLTS sounds like a bit of The Used mixed with some poppier leaning industrial rock from the early 00’s. It’s a good rocker.

Short Hair (Tiny Little Houses) – Sometimes you just want a nice load and dynamic grunge rocker. That’s “Short Hair” from Tiny Little Houses.

Laugh Track (Ben Hopkins) – “Laugh Track” sums up the last couple few years for a lot of people I’m sure. This track is incredibly inspiring and powerful; I can never get through it without cranking it up, shouting along and dancing during that final build midway through.

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