indie rock playlist january 2022

Indie Rock Playlist January 2022

Here’s our indie rock playlist for January 2022, featuring the best in independent rock and punk music:

This is a solid rock playlist track for track, but I have a few songs which I want to draw some extra attention to in this indie rock playlist for January 2022:

indie rock playlist january 2022

Feal Like Crab (Hot Mulligan) – I’ve just left this song on repeat on more than a few occasions. Great way to kick off 2022 in rocking fashion and one of those songs which successfully employs that restrained chorus technique with an excellent vocal going throughout.

Bloodshot Eyes (DWNTWN) – Really nice pair of back and forth and sometimes layered vocals with a lot of energy on top of a verb heavy rocker. Great track from DWNTWN.

Birthday Candles (Tancred) – Another track revolving around a solid vocal and some nice changes on that chorus. It manages the dynamics, alternating between vulnerable and unbridled rock, nicely throughout, as well.

In and Out (Blonder) – In and Out has a catchy chorus reminiscent of late 2000’s indie rock, but the main draw is in how effectively this song builds throughout. There’s no real frills, nothing too flashy. Each measure through the chorus is a bit bigger than the part which preceded it, then it backs off at just the right times. Satisfying tune all around.

Black Ice (Delay Trees) – Speaking of no frills, Black Ice is a straightforward yet satisfying dreampop tune from Helsinki’s Delay Trees. It’s also proof that you don’t need a lot of dynamics in the vocal range to deliver a pleasing chorus.

Comeback (Nightmarathons) – Maybe I was just starved for a high energy rocker at this point in the January indie rock playlist, but I really dig the chaos which Nightmarathons bring with the gang vocal heavy “Comeback”.

Can’t Have You (BRAINCOATS) – Between the chord progressions and that vocal, BRAINCOATS bring a dire quality through “Can’t Have You” which hooks me in hard.

Better Than You (Petals) – Excellent vocals are the main draw from Petals’ Better Than You.

Property of Pigeons (Short Fictions) – This playlist is rife with songs which keep you engaged, and Short Fictions accomplish this on Property of Pigeons by throwing a lot at you. There’s tempo and dynamic changes, more rocking moments with screaming vocals, some mathy guitar licks. Strong track from PoP.

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