Indie Rock Playlist July 2021

Here’s our indie rock playlist for June 2021, featuring the best in independent rock, punk, and alt music:

This is a very stacked indie rock and punk playlist for July featuring tons of my favorites. Let’s highlight a few now:

Don’t Feel Like Dancing (The Sidekicks) – What a hell of a song to kick off this indie rock playlist. This song should lead off every playlist, or at least that same energy. Readers of this site know how much I love The Sidekicks’ “Happiness Hours” record. I gushed enough over this song and its album in my Sidekicks Happiness Hours review so check that out along with the record; you won’t be disappointed.

Fear and Loathing on Long Island (Latterman) – If you’re a fan of shout-along songs where you feel compelled to scream every word like your life depended on it, look no further than Fear and Loathing on Long Island by Latterman. That’s pretty much all they do, but they do it as well as anyone. Heck, even one of the spinoff bands from Latterman, Tender Defender nailed this kind of sound (featured on last month’s Indie rock playlist June 2021).

(This Song is Definitely Not About a Boy) (Makeshift Shelters) – I just love the tone of this one and that chorus is HUGE and so much fun. And that spontaneous “whoa oh oh” bridge before the last chorus is so damn good. I guess it’s a bit too underground but I feel like this song would melt people’s faces if say, Paramore, put this out back in the day.

this is heaven and id die for it (American Social Club) – Such a good slow poppy shoe gaze slob of a track with a really great groove that just has you nodding along throughout.

Cemetary West (Sundowner) – A moody uptempo rocker with a western edge to it, this is another track that I just love the mood of and find the vocals perfectly matched for it. I love the way it subtly adds more layering as it progresses until it’s really rocking on that last chorus.

Alluria (Dear Boy) – Just a really clean rock track with a slight ethereal feel. Another excellent builder and I love the way the guitars wash over you on that huge chorus that gets stuck in my head more than most.

Denise, Don’t Wanna See You Cry (Night Moves) – Night Moves have a very cool and eclectic sound in general which is an effective modern interpretation of dark and moody classic rock from the 70’s. Denise, Don’t Wanna See You Cry might be my favorite from them, and if you take a listen you’ll know why. A desperate dark rocker which uses its space exceptionally well, I love this track.

Between You and Me (Cataldo) – Anyone who has played music professionally and dreamed of something bigger can relate to this one. Cataldo puts it as well as anyone I’ve ever heard, and this is just one of many solid songs and lyrics from a solid band.

Tinder (Motel Raphael) – Speaking of great lyrics or at least great lines, I’ll finish with Motel Raphael’s “Tinder”. The straight forward pop rock “Tender” is definitely the appropriately earmark single from “System”, the record it comes from, but the record is full of other notable tracks including one of my favorite musically wistful gem from it, “Counting the Days” which I also recommend.

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