indie pop playlist june 2024

Indie Pop Playlist June 2024

Here’s our indie pop playlist for June 2024, featuring the best in independent pop and alt music:

Here are a few tracks to draw a bit of extra attention to in our indie pop playlist for June 2024 to kick your summer off on the right note.

What Are We Saving (Chief) – A very chill head bobber to kick off this indie pop playlist for June, perfect for hitting the beach.

indie pop playlist june 2024

I Lost My Number Can I Have Yours? (milk.) – This one feels reminiscent of something you’d hear on one of The 1975’s early EPs mixed with a little Valley which generally means I’m going to like it. I wouldn’t be surprised if their name is a nod to the kinda hidden track of The 1975’s of the same name.

What If I? (Young Mister) – A feel good laid back and most importantly well written tune by Young Mister, it’s the kind of song you hear and understand how he’s written with Art Garfunkel, played and sung with Jeff Goldblum’s jazz band, and generally has had the success he’s had. Good tune.

Spinning Wheel (Rat Tail) – Another tune made for walking with good vibes, I’m loving the relaxed and meandering pace on Rat Tail’s “Spinning Wheel”.

Races (Barrie) – Sleep Token’s “Calcutta” pulls you in with its minimalist verses and sweeping synth filled verses, taking you on an epic journey from start to finish.

The Heat (Moody Judy) – One month too early on this one, but a great Bleachers feeling track for summer and June, nonetheless.

Dancing With Laura (Jemimi Coulter) – I’m a big fan of Hailaker and have featured their music on these playlists before. Jemimi Coulter is one of the vocalists of that duo/project and “Dancing With Laura” is easily my favorite of her solo tracks to this point, probably because it sounds the most like Hailaker out of all of her stuff. I especially love the early verses on this one.

Olivia (Wolves of Glendale) – This silly song about dating a ghost who requires puppies to survive feels like an excellent pastiche of Jackson Browne’s poppier work, certainly “Somebody’s Baby”. Come for a laugh at the lyrics, stay for the hooks and clean production.

flounder (quinnie) – Very effective use of contrast in low key verses into a lot of tasty layering and energy on the chorus on quinnie’s “flounder”.

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