indie rock playlist may 2024

Indie Rock Playlist May 2024

Here’s our indie rock playlist for May 2024, featuring the best in independent rock and punk music:

Watch the flowers bloom to our indie rock playlist for May 2024. And to highlight a few of my favorite tracks:

For Sale: Ford Pinto (Rosie Tucker) – A great example of a track where the vocals make the song come alive. There’s something about when the instrumental fades away and she delivers the “time is a trash compactor” line.

Change Your Mind (Bully) – Good grungy garage rock with gratifyingly angsty and raspy vox on Bully’s “Change Your Mind”.

indie rock playlist may 2024

Overrater (Superviolet) – I was gutted when The Sidekicks called it a day a couple few years ago. Their last full length record was one of my favorite feel good records of the last decade (check out my Happiness Hours review, by the way). All this to say that I was very pleased to learn that their vocalist, Steve Ciolek, is back at it with a solo project under the moniker Superviolet. “Overrater” sees him digging a little deeper into the sound that they were crafting on “Happiness…” and feels a bit more low key, but with similar melodies and the energy management that pulled me in. I’ll be keeping an eye on this project in the future.

Lucky (Momma) – Doing these playlists reminds me of how many of today’s bands are chasing that late 90’s alt rock pop sound, and you can hear it on the intro and in the production of Momma’s “Lucky”.

Season of the Shark (Say Sue Me) – Say Sue Me are a surf inspired rock band from South Korea which is cool enough in itself, but they’re completely here on merit with the disaffected dreamy vocals on a catchy rhythm track on their “Season of the Shark”.

Dakota (Forests, Celine Autumn) – This one may take some patience, but it’s well worth it for the rollercoaster of highs and lows “Dakota” takes you on. It really starts to hit when Celine comes in with her vocals.

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