indie rock playlist june 2024

Indie Rock Playlist June 2024

Here’s our indie rock playlist for June 2024, featuring the best in independent rock and punk music:

It’s arguably my favorite month on the calendar, so rock along with our indie rock playlist for June 2024. Here are a few tracks I’d like to highlight:

indie rock playlist june 2024

kill you (swim school) – My favorite song from Edinburgh’s relatively new shoe gaze rockers, swim school.

Break the Grid (Bandaid Brigade) – Epic vocals over some epic rock and synth lines, “Break the Grid” is a raucous good time.

Be Like You (The Ivy) – You can hear the 90’s influences on “Be Like You” from The Ivy. It’s really another track in that modern alt pop rock sound which draws heavily on the darker, moodier 90’s alt rock sounds.

Nicotine and Tangerines (Cayley Spivey, Small Talks) – I’ve been playing this song for a few years now. Just solid production and vocals delivered in a very tight and tidy package.

Embarrass You (Stuck Out Here) – Toronto, Ontario’s Stuck Out Here’s “Until We’re Each Someone Else” is an underrated album packed full of rock anthems, and “Embarrass You” is a perfect example of just that.

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