indie pop playlist october 2022

Indie Pop Playlist October 2022

Here’s our indie pop playlist for October 2022, featuring the best in independent pop and alt music:

As always, here are a few songs I’d like to circle in this indie pop playlist for October 2022 to enjoy Fall’s first full month:

What Happened to Us? (Shura) – Shura’s “What Happened to Us?” is just a good mid to uptempo synth pop rocker to kick off this indie pop playlist for October 2022. Nothing invented here, just a good jam.

Cig (Baby Fuzz) – Baby Fuzz’s “Cig” feels like one of the more intimate and acoustic leaning 1975 tracks before giving you a really nice change of pace two thirds through where it almost feels reminiscent of something My Chemical Romance would do at their best.

indie pop playlist october 2022

When You’re Smiling My Way (Glaswing) – I knew I recognized Aaron Marsh’s voice from Copeland the first time I heard the beautiful “When You’re Smiling My Way” from one of his side projects Glaswing. With lo-fi hip-hop sample and electronic stylings, it’s as good as anything Copeland has done and has the same intimate feel, largely thanks to his trademark vocal style.

I (Mk.gee) – There aren’t many better tunes then Mk.gee’s “I” to sit on your porch and watch the leaves fall with its relaxing vibes and meandering chorus-filled guitars.

Let it Slide (Johnny Goth) – Johnny Goth’s “Let It Slide” begins like a moody lofi acoustic track before throwing you a curveball with its 80’s synth wave transition and dreamy vocals. Plus that theramin is great for the spooky season.

Electrify (W O L F C L U B) – Nothing too flashy on W O L F C L U B’s “Electrify” but I like when a song does its genre well and that’s the story here. Good hooks, good tones, good track.

what if love isn’t enough (ellis) – ellis’ “what if love isn’t enough” washes over you with its dreamy and chorus heavy guitars. A very nice breakup in that final stretch as everything just resets and we finally get that titular line over and over. Great way to start this indie pop playlist for October 2022.

Identical Love (July Talk) – July Talk’s “Identical Love” is a very unique track. You have to start with the especially unique deep and full vocal stylings which give a haunting quality to this slow moving and evolving mood piece. It begins a bit lowkey, but once those drums hit on the hook, you can see why I’m as taken by this one as I am.

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