indie rock playlist september 2022

Indie Rock Playlist September 2022

Here’s our indie rock playlist for September 2022, featuring the best in independent rock and punk music:

This indie rock playlist for September 2022 is specially curated to wind down your summer on a high note.

indie rock playlist september 2022

Nausea in Paradise (Plastic Picnic) – We’ve featured a couple of songs from Plastic Picnic before, but “Nausea in Paradise” is the one which got me into them in the first place and its hazy vibe feels perfect to close out the summer, hence starting off the Indie rock playlist for September 2022 with it.

New Music (Another Michael) – Another band we’ve featured on here before, but this is my favorite track and yet another great track for closing out the summer. It’s a beautiful, intimate song which a great pacing and build to it throughout.

Bottles (Little Image) – Little Image has a nice build going themselves in “Bottles” as they add a new presentation of that chorus each time. The second vocalist creates a welcome change for that bridge before things really take off on that outro as the two harmonize together.

Ring the Bell (Way Yes) – I particularly like the space Way Yes create on “Ring the Bell” which gives it a Peter Gabriel kind of vibe. This puts a bit of extra emphasis on each strum as the layers wash over you.

North Dakota (Hodera) – Hodera’s “North Dakota” doesn’t have the impact of their “Best Intentions” and is much more straightforward from a composition view, but it’s still got a simple and catchy refrain and some interesting verses which make it a great track for ending your summer strong.

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