songwriting tips

5 Free Songwriting Tips

In this article were going to cover 5 free songwriting tips. These free songwriting tips will teach your how to write a song more effectively from the start and bolster and better existing ideas which you already have. The first couple of these free songwriting tips are going to be pretty obvious but they are […]

Make Guitar More Fun!

It’s very easy to become frustrated or upset when you’re starting out playing the guitar and you can’t do all of the things that you want to do which only come in time. Unfortunately practicing is the only way to get to where you want to be, so it’s a catch 22 of sorts. The […]

TuneCore Review

It’s essential that as an independent musician that you make your music as readily available to your fans through as many outlets as possible. This is important for convenience as well as for achieving maximum exposure of your music. There are dozens and hundreds of music stores AND streaming sites. What’s the difference? The music […]

How Do You Write a Song?

Songwriting is easier if you have a natural talent for it, but make no mistake that there is no substitute for practice. Near any one of the greatest songwriters of all time all started out somewhere and their first ideas, most of which never get heard or released, are terrible. It takes time to develop […]

thickening a kick drum with a sub bass

How to Get More Bass in Your Kick Drum

One thing which most professional, high end recorded drum kits all seem to have in common is a nice, thick kick drum sound. I hear some mixes where the kick drum sounds more like a confused snare. A nice heavy and pronounced low end in general is a good start in making your mix sound […]