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Learn how to make professional mixes of your songs at home on a micro budget using stock tools more effectively.

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So how does it work?

It all starts here. Check out our free articles on everything from writing better hooks, chord progressions, and lyrics to make better songs today.

Or, if you're truly serious about songwriting, check out The No BS Songwriter's Bible to unlock the secrets of songwriting you won't learn anywhere else.
Audio Mixing

Get the most out of your recordings by checking out the free 3 Minute Mix Fix video tutorial series.

You can also watch me mix an entire album top to bottom, front to back on camera in The Fast Track Mixing Course. I teach you my personal tips and tricks you won't learn anywhere to turning your amateur recordings into a cohesive professional mix which sounds like it was recorded in a top-line studio simply using the DAW and plugins you already have stock - no previous experience needed.

You can EVEN have ME mix your music for you at MusicGuyMixing.com!

Online Audio Mastering

Audio mastering - the final step in the audio production chain.

I offer online audio mastering services, including a free test master to all new clients.

Visit MusicGuyMastering.com for more information.

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